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What is l’Effet Papillon ?

L’Effet Papillon or the Butterfly Effect, is a social enterprise, a wellness coordinator. Our goal is to improve wellness for vulnerable people and their families (disability, dependence, illness) providing them with appropriate services for leisure and entertainment. L’Effet Papillon is built around three core businesses:

  • Providing services : articulated into four areas : culture (performances, artist residencies, broadcasting shows, exhibitions, workshops), leisure / wellness (socio-aesthetics, relaxation therapy, music therapy, art therapy, Bliss), Research (asseting the wellness brought to patients with supportive care) ; cross pole virtual reality (immersive applications).
  • Coordination: to be the relay / coordinator between patient groups, health institutions and actors of medico-social sectors: improving and optimizing the delivery of recreation services offered to patients and their families.
  • The project engineering: every patient, every service and every hospital is unique and has specific needs. The “project engineering” offer l’Effet Papillon proposes an offer tailored to the needs and desires of the beneficiaries since the writing of specific actions to the implementation / project (s).



How was born

l'Effet Papillon ?

During 18 months I accompanied my partner who had an acute myeloid leukemia.  This was a very difficult time and I was very shocked by the social isolation of patients and families.

In september 2011, I decided to act and do something real to improve the quality of life for patients. I created l’Effet Papillon (the Butterfly Effect in English) a social enterprise that assists patients and families providing supportive care, music shows in hospitals, a 3D social network called Bliss and a lot of nice workshops.

I deeply believe that little actions can engender great consequences and that is why I chosen this name.

The main idea is to bring sweet moments to patients and families during those difficult times.

Our dream is that each new patient diagnosed with cancer can benefit from supportive care during his treatments. Previous studies (studies from US, UK and Canada) have proved that patients who have supportive care have a better quality of life, less stress, less relapse, less post-cancer depression, less consumption of anxiolytics and anti depressants pills (French are world champions) and the turn over among the healthcare teams has decreased.


Here below : Ashoka Impact Health Fellows 2014

Ashoka Impact Health Fellows 2014