Doctors 2.0 in Paris
3 June 2015 By melanie

Doctors 2.0 2015

The 4th and 5th of June will stand in Paris, Doctors 2.0 an international Digital Health Conference in Social Media, Mobile Apps, Serious Games and Connected Objects.

I am very happy to attend to this international event ” focused on innovation and better communication within healthcare”. This event is part of the partnership between Regina Holliday and Denise Silber (Founder Doctors 2.0) in aim to bring more patients in the health conferences. Here is an article from Regina Holliday about this partnership

This event will attend e-patients, physicians, healthcare providers, start-ups, patient advocates and much more! Here is the agenda of the event

This will also be the second time I will wear my jacket of the Walking Gallery of Healthcare and this will be the occasion to meet other members of the Walking Gallery coming from the USA, UK, South Africa…

At the same time will attend Cinderblocks 2 in Grantsville, Maryland (USA) organized by Regina Holliday. As Regina says  “Cinderblocks2 is a mash up of art, activism, medicine, social media, HIT, patient rights and fire-dancing.  It is sort of like if Burning Man met healthcare”.

Both of those events are dedicated to improve healthcare. It allows to share and bring new solutions including the particpation of patients and this is essential to move forward.

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