My recap about HIMSS ’15
15 May 2015 By melanie

L'Effet Papillon in Chicago

How do I sum up the HIMSS tornado I lived for three days with my new advocate friends? It is quite difficult, but it’s time that I did it!

Almost four years ago, I decided to act and founded a social enterprise called l’Effet Papillon (The Butterfly Effect) in my home of France. It is dedicated to bringing a greater welfare to patients and their families. Since September 2011, we have organized 20 shows in patient hospital rooms (oncology services) and over 1,000 patients and family members received visits from musicians and storytellers. With the supportive care we provide to hospitals, charities, and socio-medical structures, 520 patients participated in individual or collective sessions.

You can read my entire recap on HISTalk.

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