The Writing on the wall by Regina Holliday
20 June 2015 By melanie

The writing on the wall

More than a book, a manifesto focused on a better care for patients

The Writing on the wall” is a book about love, art, care and resilience.

First of all, this is the very first book I read in english and it is very meaningfull to me. This book is the story of Regina Holliday, activist, artist, speaker, author and founder of The Walking Gallery of Healthcare. This is the story of Regina  from her childhood in Oklahoma to her patient advocacy after the lost of her husband Fred. She is also called the Rosa Parks of healthcare.

This book is very moving, inspiring and powerfull and it SHOULD be read by everyone interested by healthcare. This book should be read by doctors, oncologists, healthcare team, caregivers, providers, students in healthcare fields…

What happened to her husband shocked me a lot. Regina’s husband, Fred was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer in March 2009, he died three months later.

I am french, living in France and I have the chance to benefit to a free heathcare system. What I read make me nauseous. I didn’t think US healtcare system could be as bad about patients care. For me, it was surrealistic. I know US are better than us about integrative medicine but I’m very worried about the healthcare system and the costs of insurance, the brutality, the access to medical records for patients… Wherever you live in the world, this book concerns you. Because we are all patients and we have to fight for our rights.


The World Health Organization didn’t defines “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”? It did it, in 1948!

There is a video about 73 Cents, the mural who was the beggining of everything about Regina’s patient advocacy.

I chose an extract of Regina’s book :

“Why do we have more transparency in Special Education law then in Medical Care? Why do we have more access to information on a Box of Cheerios then on a medical chart? Why do medical records personnel think the Freedom of Information act does not apply to them? We need to do something. The system is broken. It is up to us to fix it. People tell me just concentrate on your husband, your family. Too many people have quietly done that. Too many wonderful fathers, mothers and children are gone. Too many graves have flowers on them. I will fight. I will not stop. I will not be silenced […] I may be only a mother, a wife, a sales gril, a teacher, an artist, and a caregiver, but I will effect change. I will give all my talent, my abilities, my energy and my belief to helping us all. Someday you will not have to fear a trip at the hospital. You will know you will cared for. No wife or husband will have to fight for the one they love. I will stand up. They will take notice. I will never give up.” (The Writing on the wall – p.172/173)


The Walking Gallery documentary


According to Regina, everyone has a story, so what’s yours? Come and join the Walking Gallery!



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