What we do?

The goal of l'Effet Papillon is to bring sweet moments for patients and families and allow people to live « normal » moments in difficult times. The Butterfly Effect has several missions :

Cultural action

let musicians enter into bedrooms hospitals and visit patients. Since 2011, we organized 20 shows in oncology service (music, songs and story tellers…) and more than 1300 patients, families and healthcare teams was spectators. At each show we measure the power of music. This is a powerful way to relieve pain and depression.

Bretelle et Garance visiting patients in oncology service

OH Company ! – Même pas peur show for patients and family

Supportive care

Since the end of 2013, we organized individual and collective workshops : aesthetic (self confidence, self estime), relaxation therapy (pain, anxiety), art therapy, music, writing workshops, reflexology… More than 550 patients participated to those sessions and this continues each week.

Socio-aesthetics individual session (Marine, socio-aesthetician and a patient)

Los Manchos (jazz – romani music) with a patient during their visit in the oncology service


Since the begining of the project, we decided to do research. We have to be rigorous and prove the benefits of supportive cares in complement of cancer treatments. From April 2014, to January 2015, we proposed a complementary support to 14 women who have been diagnosed for cancer providing theirsupportive cares. We created a protocol with oncologists, health economists and with specialists of supportive cares . We have got all the administrative permissions to be allowed to lead a research.

The aim of this pilot study was to evaluate the quality of life of patients who beneficiate of supportive cares during their treatment. For 6 months, we provided  individual sessions each week (3 weeks on 4) and that was organized like that : week 1 relaxation therapy, week 2 esthetic (facial, massage, make up, nails…), week 3 Bliss (3D social network), week 4 : nothing ; week 5…, etc.

We decided to evaluate quality of patients lives and their medical consumptions. Actually, the questionnaries are analyzed by the health economists and when the results will be ready, we’ll publish. Our idea was to lead a first pilot study and with the results, create another study with more patients included. The prelimary results are quite positives, we noticed that relaxation therapy helped women to bear pain and side effects of chemotherapy and the esthetic allow them to stay feminine and to keep self confidence even they had difficulties with their image.

Our dream is that each new patient diagnosed can benefit from supportive cares during his cancer treatments. Previous studies (studies from US, UK and Canada) have proved that patients who have supportive cares have a better quality of life, less stress, less relapse, less depression post-cancer, less consumption of anxiolytic and anti depressive pills (French are world champions) and the turn over of healthcare teams is lower.

           Dr Bourgeois (oncologist) and Melanie Peron

           at the National Congress of AFSOS (supportive cares)

Bliss project

From 2010, we started to think about a 3D social network dedicated to people isolated or long term hospitalized. This idea is directly inspired by  the experience of the sterile room where my companion was after his bone marrow transplant. In this hospital, the sterile room is a glassed room with a bed inside and curtains all around. A small "plastic world" with a lot of sterile rites. Dressed like a cosmonaut there is no way to have skin contact with your loved one, friend, child. I quickly noticed that long term hospitalisation was complicated for communicate. Your family and friends are not « comfortable » and all the talks we had during this time was about illness, the treatments, the side effects of chemotherapy, the mood, the appetite… everything was about cancer and his freaking sides. It wasn’t easy to talk about other subjects when all your friend and family have all the same questions.

Bliss is like an oniric experience, you can run your butterfly in several places : forest, fields, seaside, cristal world. You meet dinosaurs, imps, funny squirrels and you can escape for a while and you can comunicate with your family and friends.

Soon, we'll going to launch a crowdfunding campaign for Bliss. Stay tuned!