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L’Effet Papillon is a company dedicated to improving healthcare by focusing on pain and anxiety management. Our projects are co-developed with patients, their families, and professional caregivers.

We create and implement innovative care protocols combining nonpharmacological and complementary solutions that have been validated against the highest scientific standards.

Our clinical development program is ambitious, and our clinical studies are of the highest standards.
We are committed to improving understanding of the mechanisms of pain and evaluating the efficacy of non-pharmacological pain management solutions.

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Digital Therapeutics dedicated to pain management


Bliss© is a Digital Therapeutics solution dedicated to pain and anxiety reduction.

Bliss© includes innovative solutions leveraging the potential of virtual reality, sound and music to alleviate patients’ pain.

Bliss© combines several solutions developed by our experts in a single, easy-to-use system that has a rich track-record of efficacy in clinical settings.

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Univers Bliss Univers Bliss
Univers Bliss Univers Bliss

Live performances in care departments and patients’ rooms

Échappées Contées et Chantées

The Échappées Contées et Chantées bring live performances to the hospital. Artists meet with patients and their family in their room, for a unique, memorable and intimate experience that puts illness aside.

Several thousands of patients, family and caregivers have enjoyed more than 70 performances in oncology departments, creating unforgettable memories for the patients, their families and caregivers and the artists who experienced together the Échappées Contées et Chantées.

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Individual and collective supportive and rehabilitation care

Échappées Soins et Accompagnements

The Échappées Soins et Accompagnements are the result of a collaboration between L’Effet Papillon, hospitals and clinics, patients’ associations, and social establishments.

Our network of partners and experts propose specific care support services for individuals and groups, such as Art therapy, Music therapy, Sophrology…

Our services impact the global quality of life of participants, by improving their self-esteem and confidence, and providing them with tools and methods to become more autonomous.

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Échappées Soins et Accompagnements Échappées Soins et Accompagnements
Échappées Soins et Accompagnements Échappées Soins et Accompagnements

Our approach

Our mission is to support every individual with adapted healthcare pathways, and thus contribute significantly to the reduction of pain and anxiety.
• Because it strongly impacts quality of life

Our ambition is to have a concrete impact on peoples’ health, without regard for their origin, culture, religion, disease, or age
• Patients, caregivers, family

Our conviction is that we can significantly improve pain management by:
• Better leveraging innovative solutions and making them more readily available 
• Co-building relevant solutions with and for patients and caregivers, without regard for their background
• Developing diagnostic tools and solutions that can be tailored to each case and context

Our approach
• Nonpharmacological, complementary to drugs
• We create our products and develop protocols for our support services and solutions that are validated through rigorous scientific trials.

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